Lipid-based therapies for the treatment of neurological pathologies

Neurofix is a biotechnology company founded by experienced scientists and executives. Our pipeline consists of products both at clinical and pre-clinical development stages.



Neuropathic pain.

Based on hydroxioleic acid, is a non-steroideal antiinflammatory drug with GPCR-G protein uncoupling activity that alleviates pain of neural origin. It is formulated for convenient oral administration.

NFX88 reduces hyperalgesia, which is a common condition in neurological disorders and neurodegenerative diseases, with higher efficacy than the current reference drug, pregabalin7.


A synthetic monounsaturated fatty acid derivative which shows great potency in the treatment of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), achieving mobility recovery of up to 80% in animal models after 4 weeks treatments, whereas control animals recover just 10 to 15% of their mobility. 

Very promising responses has also been observed in animal models of SCI neuropathic pain.


The NFX91 is, like all other Neurofix molecules, a «First-in-Class» focused directly on the treatment of insomnia.

Since its molecular structure is very similar to that of the natural compound, it should be expected that it will not give rise to any serious side effects. It is hoped that the investigation that is being carried out will allow to apply for a patent for a family of compounds focused on the treatment of sleep disorders.

NFX91. Neurofix has started an R & D program in the field of sleep disorders.