Neurofix Pharma will participate in the major biotechnology events.

We are pleased to inform about the schedule of highlighted events that will be attended in the upcoming weeks, when Neurofix Pharma will show and explain the work we have been developing for several years in the field of biotechnology.

In Neurofix, we are committed to innovation and the development of NFX88, a medicine about to enter the final phase of clinical trials. We will seize the opportunity provided to us as speakers in these events to explain our mission, share our vision, and learn from outstanding figures in the biotechnological sector. Stay informed about everything and secure a spot to come and meet us. Here we go!

From August 28 to September 1. We kick off with participation in BioTechgate. An event where various companies and investors in the pharma/biotech sector can explore new collaborations and strengthen their business models.

September 4th – September 6th. We firmly go on with StartUp Olé! This event is a crucial junction of innovation and creativity, bringing together brilliant minds from the fields of research, innovation and business In this event, major companies with a significant reputation will be present. . On September 6th, at 11:30 AM, Miguel Ángel Ávila, CEO of Neurofix, will participate in a panel discussion Sala Menor, Palacio de Congresos (B1) together with Pilar de la Huerta (CFO of Biofrontera AG), Irene Sánchez (Head of Innovation at AECC Scientific Foundation), Diego Moñux (Co-Founder & Executive Partner of SILO) and Fermín Goytisolo (Project Leader at SILO) An excellent opportunity to present the work of Neurofix and the future development expectations with NFX88.

We will be present at the Villamayor Science Park, M3 Building, in Salamanca, for an unmissable talk. At 12:00 PM, Miguel Ángel Ávila will share ideas in an environment conducive to research and collaboration, delving into the essence of Neurofix and our objectives.

September 12th – September 13th. We will be attending the European Drug Discovery and Innovation Subcontracting Program (20th-Drug-Discovery) in Barcelona. Our Chief Business Officer, Jascha Blobel, will showcase the work we are conducting at Neurofix Pharma with NFX88, the drug we have developed to treat neuropathic pain resulting from spinal cord injury, which is about to enter the final phase of its clinical trial.

On September 13th Collaboration between universities and SMEs is crucial for joint growth in the field of research and biotechnological development Hence, our R&D Project Manager, Alexandra Rondón, and our Director of Business Development, Alejandro Muñoz, will participate at 10:00 AM in the “Seminar on Fostering University and SME Relationships”. A wonderful opportunity to contribute our vision and learn from other people who share our vision of collaborative development.

From September 26th till 28th. We´ll be present in Biospain, a unique opportunity to connect with leading biotechnological companies, share concerns, experiences, and explore new development trends. Register on their website and mark your calendar for the 27th at 10:15 AM, when Jascha Blobel and Antonio Oliviero will present the identity of Neurofix and the company’s future project. We are eager to dive into this exciting exchange of ideas!

Neurofix Pharma would like to express our sincere gratitude to all individuals and entities that make it possible for us to participate in these enriching events.

Together, we are promoting the future of innovation.