NEUROFIXBiotech CompanyNeurofix is a biotechnology company founded
by experienced scientists and executives.
We are currently evaluating and developing products
at different stages of development, both clinical and preclinical.

Who are we?

Neurofix is a Spanish biotech company founded in 2015, focused on drug research and development.

Since its inception in 2015, Neurofix Pharma has received support and recognition from various institutions to promote its project. It is worth highlighting the award of seals such as ‘Best Company NEOTEC line’, ‘Innovative SME’ and ‘EU Horizon 2020 Excellence’, in addition to the support of Enisa, Iberaval, CDTI, ICO and European SME, among others. The company also has important investors, including the Matutes family office.

Where do we come from?

Over the past few years, Neurofix has achieved significant milestones in the various phases of pre-clinical and clinical trials, culminating in the successful completion of Phase IIA.