Miguel Ángel Ávila


Miguel Ángel is a Technical Agricultural Engineer from the University of Salamanca, a master’s degree in R&D management GESTIDI and an MBA, and a degree in Agricultural Engineering and rural development from the University of Ávila, and has developed more than 70 European R&D projects and nationals. He has been director of R+D+i, advisor and manager in organizations such as FEPEX and Oblanca, in addition to working for entities such as Tragsa, ITER and Itacyl.

María Sola Gil


María is a Biotechnologist holding a MSc. in Research, Development & innovation in New Drugs. She gives the team more than 10 years in the Pharma and Biotech Corporate Arena managing the successful Development and Launch of a range of products including cosmetics, small molecules and biosimilars.

Jaime Delgado

Jaime Delgado


Jaime has a degree in Biotechnology and a Master in Bioenterprise and entrepreneurship. An expert in business models for biotechnology companies, he has a cross-sectional profile that combines science and business. He has worked as business development manager and strategic research for new business lines.

Carlos Salinas


Carlos is a graduate in Business Administration by Deusto University and University College Dublin. He has worked as a senior auditor in the company PwC for more than three years.

Daniel Bermejo

Clinical Trial Coordinator

Daniel is a BSc and MRes in Biology with extensive experience in data and project management and in clinical development gained at Spanish companies such as Farmalider Group, Fina Biotech, PharmaMar and Sermes.

Dr. Ignacio Galicia

Clinical Advisor

Ignácio is an MD and Clinical Pharmacologist, who is currently the Director of Clinical Research at Institute Fundación Teófilo Hernando (Madrid, Spain). Previously, he was the leader of Clinical Research at Hospital La Paz (Madrid, Spain) and the Director of the Clinical Trial Unit at Hospital Gómez Ulla (Madrid, Spain).

Luisa Segura


Management and design of the pharmaceutical development of the investigational medicinal drug product. Coordination of the different stages of the scale up, manufacture and quality control of the investigational medicinal drug product. Preparation of the Investigational Medicinal Product Dossier.

José Javier Muruzabal

Manufacturing Advisor

José Javier has a degree in Pharmacy in the Industrial specialty from the University of Navarra. Accumulates more than 30 years of experience in galenic jobs in institutions such as the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology of the University of Navarra and in companies such as Idafarma, Chemo, Pharmaceutical Innovation Services and Medalchemy, among others.

Pablo Montes


Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism at Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca. Since 2004, he works as a journalist in “La Gaceta de Salamanca”, a daily regional newspaper, and is the creator of two recognized travel blogs. Content creator and social media specialist.