The Team

Miguel Ángel Ávila

Chief Executive Officer

Engineer and R&D manager with the GESTIDI certification by ADE-Europe. He has participated in R&D companies like Oblanca and Apointech, where he has managed and coordinated over 11 national and 2 FP7 projects.

  • Securing the financial, human and technical resources required for the successful project execution, including the Quality Management System of NEUROFIX.
  • Identify VC and other investors to obtain the necessary funds to complete trials.
  • Deal with pharmaceutical companies for outlicensing.

Álvaro Sanz


Graduate in Business Administration and Board Director in charge of Financials, Accountancy and Administration at NEUROFIX. He holds over 20 years of experience in business administration of SMEs.

  • Budgetary forecasts.
  • Control of cash-flow, income and expenses.

Dr. Fernando Barturen

Chief Clinical Officer

He is M.D. and Ph.D. in Pharmacology. He has experience as hospital director and has coordinated clinical trials. He is author of numerous patents and scientific papers.

  • Selection of clinical Key Opinion Leaders, clinical investigators and hospitals to participate in clinical trials.
  • Supervise the CRO selected for clinical trial coordination and review and coordinate the investigators’ meetings relative to THERASPINE.
  • Liaison with pharma companies requiring input in pharmacological efficacy and biosafety issues.
  • Review of ethical issues of the project (ethical manager).

Dr. Javier Soto

Production and Quality Director

He is Doctor in Chemistry, operating in the industrial sector for over 30 years. He is co-author in several patents and scientific papers. He is certified as auditor of pharmaceutical quality systems (GLP and cGMP) and has implemented said systems in chemical companies.


  • Quality control of active principles (API) and formulation.
  • Oversight of DMF/cGMP.
  • Implementation of GLPs and cGMPs for NEUROFIX processes and auditing of compliance by subcontractors.

María González

Investor Relations Manager

She´s a lawyer and Masters in Telecommunications Law, with extensive experience in banking, investment and investor relationships. She has sit as an Branch director at several banking corporations in Spain. She joined NEUROFIX in 2016 as part of our efforts to prepare our organization for high growth.


  • Support to investors relationship.
  • Economic management.

Julian Taylor

Chief Scientific Officer

Bachelor of Physiology from the University of Sheffield (1986) and PhD in Neurophysiology and Neuropharmacology from the University of Nottingham (1990). I have participated and directed basic and clinical studies applied to pathophysiological medullary mechanisms in several international centers, including the University of Florida Brain Institute and the Institute of Neurobiology «Ramón y Cajal».

  • Management of relations with Pharma companies.
  • Liaison with potential investors.
  • Oversight of business expansion and patent/brand issues.

José Javier Muruzábal Gorri


Director of R & D projects
Expert in records
Pharmaceutical Technical 
Director Promoter of a company
specialized in drug
development Responsible for quality
control and development of
R & D projects Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree of Research
Sufficiency. PhD program
in biopharmacy, pharmacology
and drug quality. Title of Pharmacist specialized
in Industrial and Galenic Pharmacy Title of Pharmacist specializing
in Drug Analysis and Control
  • Management of relations with Pharma companies.
  • Liaison with potential investors.
  • Oversight of business expansion and patent/brand issues.

Luisa Segura


Coordination of the 
different areas
(pharmaceutical, analytical
quality assurance)
involved in the development
of new products. Institutional relations with
the Spanish Medicines
Agency (AEMPS). Review and preparation of
quality, non-clinical and
clinical documentation of
the registration dossier in
accordance with current
regulations. Preparation of the texts of
the conditioning materials
of the pharmaceutical products presented to the register. Coordination of bioequivalence and bioavailability studies Preparation of dossiers of
variations of the conditions of authorization of medicines. Elaboration of quality, clinical and non-clinical summaries Follow-up of the evaluation of registration dossiers in the AEMPS. Preparation of the reply to the letters of incidence and proposals for denial.
  • Management of relations with Pharma companies.
  • Liaison with potential investors.
  • Oversight of business expansion and patent/brand issues.