The Company

NEUROFIX is a biotechnology/biopharmaceutical company focused on the research and mid-stage pharmaceutical development (phase II clinical trials) of therapies for the treatment of neurological pathologies.

NEUROFIX founders are executives and scientists with many years of successful experience in Biomedicine, designers of molecules patented and currently undergoing other clinical trials or even on the market, and with expertise in the management of national and EU projects.

778289 Theraspine.

NEUROFIX has in part unravelled important aspects of the mechanism of action of NFX81 and NFX88. Our mission is to move from drug design/discovery to Proof of Concept (phase II clinical trials), giving value to molecules with therapeutic and market potential in the area of CNS conditions, which can be outlicensed to mid- or Big-Pharma companies with the financial capabilities to complete their pharmaceutical development and marketing.

Our promising pipeline, with products at advanced development stages and other at early stages guarantees the progression of the company with important growth possibilities.

Our business project for this SME call falls neatly in line with our long-term business approach, and will not only provide us with financial resources and means to see NFX81 and NFX88 fully developed, but also with:

  • Proof of our ability to attract interest of Big Pharma companies in our products. This will help us steer our research activity in the mid-term, build a database of potential partners and contacts for future developments, and determine any industry requirements we need to address.
  • A platform for NEUROFIX to be presented to the medical community and pharmaceutical big players as an innovative biotech with the potential to successfully design and produce effective medication, increasing the success rate at the riskiest stage of drug development.
  • A marketing and commercial/legal infrastructure that optimizes our post-development process, allowing us to secure better agreements with our potential partners/clients in future endeavours.